Particle Mesh connectivity?

I understand that Particle Mesh uses OpenThread but was wondering how the connectivity is achieved hardware and firmware wise.

Is it using Bluetooth, Bluetooth radio, WiFi direct, or some other variation? What frequency does or can it use? Only 2.4 GHz?

Also, OpenThread’s websites states it can support 250+ devices. Is ParticleMesh capable of supporting perhaps thousands of devices like Bluetooth Mesh?

Thanks for the help

Thread Mesh uses 6LoWPAN over 802.15.4. It’s not Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Zigbee, though it uses the 2.4 MHz unlicensed band.

It’s much slower than Wi-Fi, but is designed to allow battery operated nodes to wake up, connect to their nearest repeater, exchange any saved messages in either direction, and then power down again in milliseconds.

The size of the mesh network is limited by processor and RAM before you hit the theoretical limit of Thread Mesh. The exact numbers are not available as the software is still being optimized, but certainly dozens of nodes, probably more.

Thanks for the reply! Are you also aware of figures for kbps, max range between xenon nodes in mesh, and power draw of xenon nodes?

As of range there are threads addressing this already, but as said above, since things are not finalised no definitive numbers may be claimed

and more when using the forum search feature

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