Is particle mesh compatible with the Bluetooth mesh spec?

Is the Particle mesh implementation compatible with the Bluetooth mesh standard released last year? I’d hope “Particle Mesh” is just a marketing name and not a competing standard. Nordic has a nice implementation for their devices and it would be great to interoperate.

AFAIK Particle Mesh is not the name for a protocol implementation but rather the “umbrealla-name” for the whole topic including the meshable devices, the high level APIs and such things.
The used mesh protocol is based on Thread® and in particular OpenThread.

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So does this mean Particle Mesh will not interoperate with the Nordic implementation of the standard on the basic wire level? For example a light bulb without a Particle but with Bluetooth standard mesh could be controlled via a Particle Mesh.

BTW, I love the addition of mesh to the Particle portfolio as it will expand the potential application space considerably.

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+1 @ScruffR. Particle Mesh is based on the open specification Thread using the open source implementation OpenThread (and our firmware as always is open source.)

Thread uses a different radio than Bluetooth so a Particle Mesh device won’t be able to natively communicate with a Bluetooth device over Bluetooth Mesh.

See this discussion for general Bluetooth questions.


I’m getting the picture now. The mesh networking is using the 802.15.4 radio and the Bluetooth radio is just a setup aid (at least initially).