Particle Bluetooth Mesh

My understanding was that Particle doesn’t support BLE Mesh, but as I was searching the web for a mesh network solution this “Particle Bluetooth Mesh” paid ad kept popping up.

that’s correct:

perhaps the ad was not updated to this (sad) event.

Well, what makes it interesting is that this ad particularly refers to “Bluetooth Mesh”, as opposed to the Thread based solution which was identified as Particle Mesh.

After the demise of OpenThread Mesh in the Particle ecosystem, for the time being there is no intent to substitute that with any kind of alternative mesh system.

Can you provide the exact link for that ad?
Could this be a cashed version of an add that doesn’t actually exist anymore? If it’s still up, it should be removed IMO.

Here is the link of the ad

Thanks, but I cannot find a reference to Bluetooth Mesh.

however, this sentence should probably lose the reference to mesh

Robust connectivity
Take advantage of concurrent wireless communications from LTE to Particle Mesh

The ad was specifically created for “Bluetooth Mesh Network”.
You are right, the page the link points to has no reference to the key phrase. This is why I found it confusing and turned to the forum.
As discouraging as your response was with regards to “meshing”, thanks for your input.