Sending messages between nodes on a mesh?

Is it possible to use the whole mesh as one message sending service, and possibly hook up a keyboard and screen to one particle, so that it can send a message to another particle in the mesh? Maybe with IRC, SMS, or any other form of getting messages across.

Should be doable :slight_smile: Mind you, they’re not just a computer you can install a ‘chat program’ on, so you’ll have to do some coding :wink:

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Why use anything else then the intrinsic mesh protocol to communicate inside the mesh?
Sounds like calling or texting the person sat right next to you? While that may be fun (for some people) the real-life use in that is currently hidden from me as I could just directly talk to them (without extra effort - as this is the intrinsically human way to communicate) :confused:

But I may well miss the point or misunderstand your request?
Can you clarify?

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What’s the range on these boards? I am thinking something crazy like 200 feet. I was thinking of setting up a local communication not reliant on the cellular network. If the range is only 20 feet, I could then understand.

To answer that you may want to have a look at this thread

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