Challenge: Maximum Distance

I’m trying to challenge myself with a project, just to push myself to test out the new Particle Mesh devices.

I live near a park, and wanted to see if I could send a signal from one end of the park to the other end. It’s approximately 1.7 - 1.8 km from one end to the other, or just over 1 mile. At 25 meters (82 feet) between BLE devices, I figure it would take approximately 68 Argons connected on a Mesh network.

This is all theoretical at the moment. I only have 6 Argons at the moment, so getting 62 Argons is going to be a pricey endeavour.

Before I get underway, should this work in theory?

@james.eberhardt, take a look here:

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Just wanted to chime in that mesh uses OpenThread, not BLE.

Isn’t there a limit of 1 argon or boron per mesh net, currently? One gateway device and then the rest have to be xenons, as far as I kow.

For the time being, yes.