Non-Gateway Boron

I recently received new mesh devices, one of which is a Boron 2G/3G (Particle accidentally sent me the wrong device at first).
I have also received an Argon, which I am planning to make a mesh network with.

I was wondering if anyone out in the community knows how to connect a Boron to a mesh network without it being a gateway.

It’s not currently possible to use an Argon (or Boron) as a non-gateway mesh device (like a Xenon).

And it’s not possible to add two gateways to a single mesh network at this time, though this will be allowed in the future in the high-availability pricing tier.

That is unfortunate. Maybe in the future we will be able to have Argons and Borons in the same Mesh network.

That will definitely be possible; it’s just that at the initial rollout, we wanted to make basic mesh capability available with the most common topologies available: Argon or Boron (or Xenon w/etherwing) as the gateway, and lower-cost Xenons as repeater/endpoints.

But as Rick says, >1 gateway in a mesh will be considered to be “high availability”.