Particle - IOS app on IOS 9

This post is targeted towards anyone (like me) forgetting that they run beta software on their phones (IOS 9) and tries to use the Particle IOS app to configure their Photon. The Particle IOS app does not manage to complete the setup on IOS 9. Switch to IOS 8 and everything runs smooth.


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What seems to be the problem with iOS 9?

The App does not continue after I´m asked to connect to the WiFi hotspot of the Photon on iPhone 5s running IOS9. The App does not time out (waited approx. 30 minutes), it does not lock or terminate… it just does not continue the setup process.
On iPhone 5s, iPhone 5 and iPad 2 running IOS 8 (various versions) the App detects the Photon quickly and completes the setup without any problems. I have therefore concluded that it has to be related to IOS 9.Of cause, the problem could be related to Locales (or other things) on IOS 9 (Norwegian Locale), but this is the same Locale settings I have for all my IOS 8 devices as well.

Thanks for letting us know, I will look into it.

My guess is the Particle team already figured out what the cause is, but if not I have a good guess, but can’t share it here due to pre-release confidentiality. If someone wants to ping me privately I’d be happy to share my theory.

We are working on a solution for this critical issue now…

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Thanks for posting this!

Testing our applications on beta and new releases of various OS’s is something we are working hard on to improve.
Windows 10, IOS 9, Newer/Different strands of Android OS, and even El Cap for Mac OS.

We will do a better job about being vocal about what is being worked on. More details soon.


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I can confirm this. I am having the same issues on both my iPhone and iPad running IOS 9.

Connecting to Wi-Fi via USB as a workaround.

OK. Issues were caused by Apple deprecating CaptiveNetwork API in iOS 9, we use this API to detect the currently connected network name. Finally Apple changed their minds and re-enabled this important API on iOS 9 GM and final release - I can confirm all is back to normal and photon setup is possible with iOS 9, no code changes required.


I am running the public release iPhone iOS 9 and can confirm that the problem still exists for SparkCore

Sam as described won’t get past the wifi stage

The Spark Core does not use the soft AP setup flow like the photon, it cannot be set up using the Particle app. Are you talking about the legacy Spark Core app?

Yes. Can’t setup legacy Core using the legacy core app on iOS nine. Get stuck in the same place as described. I realize the description is referring to the photon and the new app but the old app is behaving the same way for me with legacy core

Was this ever fixed? I purchased a Photon, and I use an iPhone 5 with current iOS 9 release, experiencing the same symptoms. I can join the board’s wifi setup, but the app never continues with setup.

Is this the same issue as here?