Particle firmware automatic update (v0.4.4) problem

Since last Friday and the release of the new firmware update (v0.4.4), when I flash my devices OTA. I guess it has something to do with the firmware update that happens the first time we flash the devices after the release of the update.
What I see in the Particle Dev when I flash a device : It will start with “update started…”, but that lasts only for a couple seconds, then the led on the device breathes cyan like it founds the wifi and works well, but the program does not run. And then I can flash the devices how many times I want, I cannot run any program on it anymore.
The only thing that I could do to get a device working again was to update its firmware via usb and dfu. But I cannot do that for all the devices that I gave to my customers.

Am I the only one to have that ? What could it be ?

I did the same on 3 different devices on 3 different locations at 3 different times and I got the same problem !

Can you try to OTA flash some other project via Particle Build (Web IDE)?
Some members reported that Particle Dev didn’t work for them either, but PB did.

And be prepared for some waiting time while the system FW gets updated.


At present, updating from Particle Dev isn’t supported, so please use the Web IDE or particle CLI.

Indeed, I finally had no problem updating devices with the Web IDE.
For information, when I first tried to update a device with Particle Dev, then it was difficult to get it working again, even when trying with the Web IDE. (meaning that if someone does not see that there is an update and continues using Particle dev for flashing a new version of his app, he will get in trouble as the firmware update process will start automatically and break)

Anyway thank you very much for the great work and the support.