Iphone Particle app and online Console have different status data


When I look at my iPhone app, I see my two electrons. Both are breathing Cyan, even though one of them has been powered off for a couple of days.

One of them is currently functioning, and shows that it last connected just a few minutes ago.

When I go to the Console, both of these say that they have not connected for 2 days.

Not sure what’s going on. Any Ideas?


Which firmware is running on both electrons?

0.4.7 and 0.4.8 are the two firmwares, I’ve never updated them to this point.

I’ve just tried updating the one that I have here, but for some reason I can’t update it. I did manage to update a photon that I had here, so I can’t understand why I can’t make the electron update. Perhaps it’s because I’m out of cellular range? Seems strange if that’s the reason, when the update goes over USB.


I can not exactly estimate your cause, but you describe occasionally no cellular range, on the other hand, outdated firmware stands in the employment. Both could be reasons.
I recommend first the firmware update and continue to observe.
You can find 2 assistants for download: one raises to version 5, the other to version 6. Much success!

So both have had regular cellular the past few days. I managed to update the one that I have locally, and still see the same behavior.

Is there a way to update the Particle firmware OTA? I have not found that yet.


This happens automatically once you OTA flash a new firmware which is targeted at a higher system versiin that your device is running.
Or you can download the system binaries and flash them via

particle flash <yourDevice> system-<part>-<version>-<platform>.bin

BTW, the online status indicators are not to be trusted. They are more to see as probabilistic guesses :wink:

OK, I’m trying to do that on my local device, to convince myself that it will work on the remote one.
When I try this (electron on 0.6.0 - target 0.6.2) it tells me it will put it in save mode, and doesn’t give me an option to continue. It lets me cancel or takes me to the update guide.

How can I continue with the flashing so that it also updates the system firmware?


Sorry, I didn’t catch that you were dealing with Electrons.
For Electrons the automatic update to a higher system version only works for Product Creator devices.
For develop devices only the CLI version (second option) works OTA.

So If I flash with the CLI, am I able to do it all at once from 0.4.8 to 0.6.2?

And if I do so, will my project specific code still be there after flashing the system firmware?


If you do it via CLI wired, then you can do it in one go.
If you want to do it with CLI OTA, you need to go via 0.5.3 first and while at it, reflashing your own code which can then already take advantage of the newly introduced features in all the inbetween versions would be the better choice.

OK, thanks, got it.
And OTA system flashing is quite reliable, correct? The remote unit I’m flashing is in Arizona, and very hard to get to, and I’m in Colorado, so I’ll only flash the new version if I have high confidence it will work smoothly, and not need any physical intervention.

Hmm, I wouldn’t bet too high on it, although I’m pretty sure it’ll work, with that much difficulty to get to it if it wouldn’t work, I’d probably stick with the current system till you have a better chance to supervise the process.

OK, I’m headed in the more conservative direction.