Particle Electron will not setup

Hi, I am trying to set up my particle Electron with the sim provided, everything is working and it is connected to the cell tower but when it flashes blue to try and connect to the cloud it starts off slow but then starts blinking faster for a few seconds then it blinks red once then goes back to flashing blue and it does this in an infinite loop without it getting past that. It does occasionally try and reconnect to the cell tower every now and again in the process of this but still carries on doing it. I have tried using the particle CLI and the troubleshooting tips which have helped as before it used to flash red quickly several times whereas now it is just once. It is an Electron G350 2G Global (I am in the UK) and I think it may be from 2015 as on the battery and on the 2G chip on the Electron itself have 2015 as the dates on them. I also have noticed that it does take longer to connect to the cell tower occasionally, especially when it is just doing it after flashing blue. There is also the odd time where it will flash an orangey yellow colour after red. It also goes into listening mode after a while as well sometimes once it tries to connect to the cell tower after going blue and it does not go out of that unless I cold boot it, though it does eventually go back to green after about 10 minutes. Any help would be great as I have contacted particle themselves but I don’t know if they will just suggest the same things that I have already done etc.

Oh yeah, one last thing, the electron is not linked to any particle account yet so I do not want to reset the key as per the warning in the CLI when it asks you about it just in case unless it is truly necessary.
UPDATE: I have tried with my sim from my phone, it connects to the cell tower much quicker, in about 30 seconds to 1 minutes compared to the 3+ minutes the one from particle takes.When it stops flashing green it starts breathing dark blue for a few seconds then it goes to flashing dark blue (listening mode) and that’s all it does when mine is in but that’s probably the fact that i haven’t set that one up for the electron. I have got a feeling it may be the sim card provided by particle that is the problem.

Could you detail the troubleshooting steps you’ve taken so far?

Also – in the future, if you simultaneously file a support ticket and post here, it would be great if you could reference the forum post URL in the ticket (and ideally, the ticket # here).

I have done the particle server and particle doctor commands in the CLI but as it hasn’t already been claimed to my account I skipped resetting the key as per the warning in the CLI. I have tried using a different SIM card and when I do that it connects to the cell tower in about 1 minute compared to the 2-5 minutes the particle SIM takes. I believe it is a handshake error as it only blinks red once after slowly then quickly flashing light blue but. I haven’t done the cloud error debugging log yet but I am going to do that tonight and I’ll get back with what it says.