Particle Electron flashing orange/red

I’ve fired up an Electron I haven’t touched for over a year. One of the LED’s is flashing green, the other one (closer to the usb connector) is flashing rapid orange/red. Any advice? Thanks

The red LED next to the battery connector (USB connector side) is the charging LED. It will blink rapidly if you don’t have a battery connected.

The status LED between the two buttons will blink green if it’s trying to connect to the cellular network.

  • Make sure your SIM card is still activated, log into and click the SIMs icon in the middle left.
  • Make sure you have the LiPo battery connected and charged. The Electron often will not connect when powered only by USB, especially to a computer, as it requires too much power.

Thanks! Does this look like a good candidate battery? I recall there are a few really common ones.

The picture is not displaying for me, but the Electron battery is a PKCELL LP10350, 2000 mAh, 3.7V battery. The LiPo batteries from SparkFun and Adafruit have the same JST-PH connectors wired the same polarity.

Sorry, picture should be there now, it’s just slightly older, a 103450. thanks again!