Particle Electron battery not responding

I was taking the battery out of the particle electron and the red and black wires pulled out of the plastic component. While I was trying to insert them back in they touched each other and visually sparked. I am guessing I short circuited the battery because now when I plug it in the red flashing light turns off when it is supposed to be on. Is there anything I can do to fix this or am I just going to have to get a replacement?

I just tried it again right after I posted this, and the solid red LED turned back on. If I fool around with the cables eventually it recognizes the battery, but one simple movement can turn it off again. Eventually after around a minute it will turn off. How would I be able to order a replacement?

Hello @mpayne10,

Unfortunately we don’t sell replacement batteries at Particle, but Adafruit does sell the exact same one that we use in the Electron, and it can be found here.


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Ok thank you for the link!

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Be very careful with that battery. Since it was short-circuited as you said, it could be damaged. You can read more about it here, along with the risks and dangers:

If you do replace the battery, be absolutely sure you dispose of it in a responsible manner. Throwing it in the garbage could cause an explosion, such as in the crusher machine in a garbage truck. Also, consider the environmental issues.

If you do decide to continue using the battery, it sounds like the connector is damaged:

A damaged connector can cause intermittent connection issues. Search for a “JST connector” to find a replacement. Be extremely careful that you do not short the battery again during a connector replacement job…