Particle e-series bursting blue/red key problem?


I have two brand-new devices build around the e-series. Both running firmware 1.0.1.
On startup after flashing green for long time (120s at least), both devices are stuck bursting blue and red (see video).

I’ve already tried running from CLI:

Particle keys server
Particle keys doctor

Any hints?

That’s not the normal blink pattern for a keys error. It’s probably best to get a cloud debug log

to see what’s actually is failing.

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Thank you.
This is what I get from the cloud log:

Opening serial monitor for com port: "/dev/tty.usbmodem146301"
Serial monitor opened successfully:
0000004222 [system] INFO: Start Listening timer: created
0000012472 [system] INFO: Sim not inserted? Detecting...
0000013117 [system] INFO: Sim Ready
0000015618 [system] INFO: Sim Ready
0000018119 [system] INFO: Sim Ready
0000020620 [system] INFO: Sim Ready
[keeps looping]

The device is new but I managed to register it correctly with Particle cloud and successfully established a connection yesterday, then it stop working.

Very weird. I downgraded to OS 0.7.0 and things seem to work fine now.