Gen2 E-Series, unable to connect to cloud

I have an e-series device (E402) that is breathing cyan, showing no-bars when pressing the mode button despite there being a decent cell signal at that location. It will stay in this condition even after power-cycling the unit and/or pressing the reset button. From a full power-cycle, the unit will come up flashing green and then settle back to breathing cyan with the mode button press indicating no-bars.

I’ve seen this problem now on a half dozen boards and it recovered each time simply by attempting to debug it. Running the cloud debug for example, it recovered without reporting any errors. On other occasions, replacing the system software with a debug version was enough to take it out of this state (problem has been seen when running DeviceOS 2.1.0, 2.2.0, and 2.3.0 with different boards). It’s sticky.

I’ve got a board in this condition now and wondering how to figure out what’s going on without changing or touching the firmware in any way. The application is running normally, just with no cloud connectivity. This happens quite randomly and there are no system warnings or errors reported that appear related.

@Colleen can you take a look at this tomorrow?

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Hi Paul- That sound frustrating!
When this happens are any similarities between your boards? Are the batteries fully charged? Is the antenna securely fashioned? Are there ever bursts of red?

Have you tried running particle device doctor in the CLI? Was there any output?

If none of this applies to your situation, it could be a keys issue, in which case try particle keys doctor

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Hi Colleen,

There are no bursts of red, it goes green flashing to breathing cyan, the battery for each of these units were connected and charged, and antenna connected. It really seems like a configuration state, since running the cloud debug in previous cases didn’t report any errors.

When running the device doctor, the EEPROM section failed, resulting the light flashing red. So I put it back in DFU mode, reprogrammed the system and application, and the same behaviour persisted (green flashing to breathing cyan).

The RSRQ/RSRP is being read by the application and are both 0.000000, so I wouldn’t expect the keys would make any difference, but I did try this and it didn’t help. Here’s the output from the keys doctor:

PS C:\Users\paul.gardner\Documents\FieldIntell\Jira\rc-1.4.1\pump-app> particle keys doctor 32003d001847303336333432

New Key Created!



attempting to add a new public key for device 32003d001847303336333432

submitting public key succeeded!

Okay! New keys in place, your device should restart.

PS C:\Users\paul.gardner\Documents\FieldIntell\Jira\rc-1.4.1\pump-app>



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