Particle Dev freezes a few minutes after you change the theme?

Hi folks!

tl;dr My Particle Dev install stops responding after ~5 minutes after I change the themes to Atom Light, but last an hour+ on the default dark theme, and this is repeatable.

I know this sounds a little outrageous, but yesterday I installed Particle Dev on my Windows machine. I logged in, played around, things were working great.

I changed the UI and Syntax theme to Atom Light, and after a few minutes, Particle Dev stopped responding. I couldn’t do anything that touched the “Particle” side, and saving stopped working.

I closed it, restarted it, and it was back in Dark mode. I put the themes back to Atom Light, and within 5 minutes it stopped responding again! This happened 4 more times, and I was almost ready to close the door on Particle Dev, until I just left it in Dark theme again–and worked for an hour until I had to finish for the day.

I’m going to try on OS X this week.


@adamwolf wow there seem to be an issue if you change both UI and Syntax themes. The solution is to change UI theme, restart Dev and change Syntax one. I created issue for this: