Bugs and feature suggestions for Particle Dev IDE

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@mdma: Just a couple of quick notes after using the Particle Dev IDE for a few months:

  • "Particle -> Set up device's WiFi." Like a couple of other commands, this command "covers" and disables the IDE with a dark mask (sorry, there's probably a better way to describe it.) However, when you complete the WiFi setup, 100% of the time, the "mask" and disable isn't removed, forcing me to close and restart Particle Dev to continue working on my project.
  • I experience periodical freezing in Particle Dev, where I can't click or type. Generally, it only locks up for 15-20 seconds at a time--but there have also been times I've gone for dinner, and it's still locked up when I get back. The unfortunate part: you can't save your project when it locks up. I am aware that Particle Dev maintains a pretty active communication to some remote servers ("ord08s12-in-f9.1e100.net"), which could perhaps be some of the issue.

@suda, would you like to jump in on this one?

I have experienced same with Web ide. Usually seems to freeze when adding libraries. Need to refresh window to continue. I’m using Mozilla Firefox 38.0.5
FYI - I usually have surveillance video streaming using viewer software. Didn’t know if perhaps that extra network load on local lan might have been slowing some traffic and perhaps web ide was timing out?

One more bug: when errors occur during compile, clicking on them takes you to a blank file, instead of to the offending file. I am aware that the error list does not specify which file the error occurs in (which could be the reason for the problem). Perhaps something amiss with parsing the return error list? The data is all encrypted, so I can’t decipher anything via SmartSniff.

Please file all the issues here: https://github.com/spark/spark-dev

  1. Create correct file/folder on save just like xCode and Arduino do
  2. Automatically save on compile & upload to device request, like xCode, so that the problem of having previous version compile/flash, unknown to to user, does not occur. Eliminate the must save first.
  3. Allow file names with spaces like xCode and other do. At least don’t crash / give a warning when trying to save if name does not meet spec.

These three unusual idiosyncrasies of Particle Dev (relative to non-i’m-a-real-coder IDEs) are going to continue to trip up Particle customers new to Atom like environments.

@kennethlimcp: Sorry, I don’t have a Github account. (I know, go create one :dizzy_face:). One more: when switching between code files via the tabs, etc., focus needs to be set to the editor pane, not the tabs.