Particle Dev server issues?

I’m currently seeing weird behavior from the Particle Dev OS X app, in how it’s talking to the servers. See attached screen shots. Basically, are some of the servers malfunctioning?

  1. Check for Update getting back (null) from the server.
  2. Compiling (in the cloud) returning messed up compiler errors that relate to no source files and when clicked open up a blank Untitled window in the IDE. (i.e. compile errors seem to reference something unrelated to my project and thus I suspect the cloud compile server call is somehow failing, leaving the IDE confused).

Any insight here? I’ve obviously already quit and restarted the Particle Dev app. I’ve also logged out and back into my account inside the IDE. It sees my various Core devices, so it has some connectivity with the server after login and sees things tied to my account. This feels like a totally server-side issue. Been using Spark/Particle for over a year, and the Atom-based IDE for many months - so definitely not a n00b. :wink:

The update server seems to be working again (Sunday) - no more “null” returned. And the compiler error messages - with no source file reference - ended up being from a missing curly brace in my project. Odd that it couldn’t identify the source file and give correct line numbers. Parsing issue?