Particle Dev doesn't work, shows truncated error message

I’m trying to develop locally with Particle Dev, but compiling in the cloud fails. I see a truncated red error message in the status bar. It says:

build didn’t produce binary Error: Command failed: /spark/compile_service/s…

I can’t read the rest of the error message because it is truncated. When I click the error message, an alert pops up stating: “There were no compile errors”.

Building the same file in the web works.

This is extremely frustrating. I don’t even know where to start looking.

Any ideas?

Have you tried using particle-cli?

I haven’t used particle-cli yet. Do I need to install that separately, or is particle-cli included with Particle Dev?

Is there any specific command I should try?

CLI is not included in Dev, and to give you advice on how to install it on your machine, you’d need to clarify what OS you are using.

The CLI is pretty easy to install. See the docs CLI page. Once installed you’ll want to try the particle compile and particle flash commands