Particle Dev Complies but does not flash

I am trying to flash some code to a core through both the webIDE and particle Dev, both packages complie fine but when flashing from the WebIDE is shows it compiles, flashing, then ready but the core does not start blinking magenta.

From the Particle Dev, flashing gives flashing then “undefined…” then returns and does not flash.

How can I find out what is not defined?

Ok found out here. This is not good news with existing cores out in the field.

Hi @wesner0019

There are two separate things going on here:

  • It looks like the web IDE has bug where it does not report errors correctly. This is something that @Dave or @jgoggins should please look into.

  • Any time the base system software changes, for a bug fix or a new feature, it can change it’s RAM footprint and on the Core that means that a program that compiled last week but was close to the limit might not compile this week. Usually if you compile locally you can figure out exactly what is taking the space and reduce the footprint of either your code or the system code.

[EDIT: I have heard that the was actually changing the compiler version and not the system firmware and that change made the binaries’ size go up. The guys are looking at this to see how to fix or revert it.]

This last point one reason why on Photon the system code is separate from the user code. On Photon the user code has its own reserved area of a fixed size.