Particle Desktop IDE suddenly not compiling correctly

Hi All,
I am trying to compile a project I’ve compiled a hundred times before. For some reason, when I click compile it seems to function perfectly but the binary file is pretty much empty. All it contains is “{}” and is only 1KB.

When I try to flash it I get a “Error writing firmware: Transfer cancelled” error.

I’m wondering if there is an issue with the online compiling or would it be something local.
I’ve tried logging out and a PC restart, as well as compiling at different FW releases.

I have the same issue over multiple projects that I know compile no problem normally.

Anyone else seen this issue?


You can always try building via CLI particle compile <platform> . from the location your file is stored.
This may also provide some useful hints about what is going wrong.

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The API deploy was pulled - it should be working now :smiley:

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Yup working now!

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