Particle Debugger Firmware


I’m trying to extend the DAP-Link firmware on the Particle Debugger to support flashing my other devices but i don’t know which HIC to use since the GD32F103CBT6 controller on the debugger doesn’t seem to be supported by the DAP-LINK source code of arm-mbed.
Have you implemented your own support for the GD32F103CBT6?

@Bladeking, none of the Particle devices use a GD32F103CBT6 so I doubt they would provide support for it.

The device in question is the Particle Debugger V1.0 device.

And acording the the schematic in the repo:
The controller on the Debugger is the GD32F103CBT6.
The Debugger uses the open source DAP Link Firmware:

But the ARMmbed DAP LINK repo doesn’t provide support for the GD32F103CBT6.
That is why I’m asking.

This is a question for @rickkas7 since he seems to be the author of the debugger firmware.

It wasn’t me! However, the Particle Debugger firmware is a fork of the ARMmbed/DAPLink source. The modified version is here:


@rickkas7, thank you.
I will try to building the firmware with your repo.:+1:

Hello rick,

My apologies to hack into this thread, but thought use context of the discussion.

Like you just suggested to @Bladeking, I did checked-out and built the DAPLink, and tried to flash the .bin file’s of all variants of k20dx_bl* and k20dx_if*, but none of them made the device to get back into interface mode, but your firmware, always works perfectly

What am I missing here??

Iam trying to investigate a bug within the CMSIS:

Really appreciate your help