Particle Core flashing magenta after succesfull cc3300 update

After having used my Core for making my doorbell smart using a sound detector for about a year. It has stopped working.

I’m not sure what color it was showing after it failed, after removing it from power it shows breathing white. I’ve done the deep update. But I’m running into a problem with flashing the cc3300. dfu-util shows that it’s successfull. But it keeps flashing magenta. I tried factory reset, flashing tinker. But that results only in a breathing white led again.

Which seems to be a state where nothing works, only switching to dfu mode or factory reset.

So is my Core dead? Is there anything I can try?

@SierraNL, if you have the latest CLI installed, do:

particle flash --usb cc3000     - wait till it finishes and goes back to flashing yellow
particle flash --usb tinker       - after this, it should reboot and reconnect

I don recall if flashing cc3000 erases the wifi credentials so if it boots into flashing blue, you will need to redo the wifi creds using particle wifi setup.

After all this, you could update the factory reset tinker by putting the Core into DFU mode and running particle flash --usb factory tinker. :smiley:

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I tried the above. The first step doesn’t work, it never goes back to flashing yellow.

@SierraNL, did you try manually putting it back into DFU mode and flashing tinker? I’ve had similar issues with a Core as well. Try flashing the factory tinker then doing a factory reset on the Core to see if that works as well.

I just tried, same effect: breathing white.

I guess the problem is the incorrect cc3000 flash, that will result in not booting correctly.

My core started behaving in the same way. Any resolution for this?