Particle console asking for credit card after migrating to Sandbox plan

Hello Everyone,

My account was migrated to the Sandbox plan on the 17th of March after Spectra. Before the migration, I had a pending charge but the credit card on file was not correct so it wasn’t able to charge. I had only one cellular device on the account and the 3 months trial period had ended in February.

As of now, it isn’t allowing me to activate any device with cellular and I also cannot find any place where I can update the credit card on file to correct everything. So I am not sure how to solve this issue.
If anyone from @particle can point me in the right direction, that would be great.

Thank you in advance.
Have a great day ahead.

Hey @knikkhilraj - would you mind opening a support ticket ( so we can dive into your account specifics? Please include your Particle username in that ticket, thank you!

Hello @marekparticle ,

Thank you for such a quick response. I have already submitted a ticket. The number is: 103253.
I am looking for a quicker response, hence posted it in the forum. If you can take a look at it now, I would really appreciate that.


I see that @ismaelSB is looking into this for you now! Please allow us some time to identify root cause and implement a fix.

Thank you @marekparticle .
I will keep an eye in my email for any further communication from particle.