Unable to update credit card through the Dashboard

For over a week, I have been unable to update billing information, which has caused all of my electrons to go dark. A support ticket has been logged with Particle; however, they don’t know how to fix it and have marked it low priority.

Has anyone else seen this issue/know how to fix it?

The error is caused when I try to go to the billing section of the dashboard and appears in the console as the following:

Failed to load resource: the server https://api.particle.io/api/v1/user/subscription responded with a status of 400 (bad request)

There is also an ember.js output error that says the ‘adapter rejected the commit because it was invalid’

Any help would be greatly appreciated from the community, as I would love to get back to work and use Particle to do so.

Hey there @hagandh,

Jeff here, one of the Particle engineers. Sorry you’re having some trouble. Can you DM me your Particle username and I’ll take a look into your issue?



I had the same problem. Emailing customer service got it taken care of. The person I worked with said that functionality wasn’t working yet.