Particle: command not found Ubuntu

Hello Particle Forum. I have a CLI question. I accidentally ran the CLI prior to having nodeJS installed on my Ubuntu 16.04 machine.

I’m having trouble getting the particle cli to run from terminal. See below. I am in the path suggested by the final step of the install, but it says “particle:” command is not found. Why? Thanks for your help!

Get started by running "particle login"
If that doesn't work, open a new terminal and make sure /home/adam/bin is in your shell path.
If you previously installed the CLI with npm, run "npm uninstall -g particle-cli"
adam@adam-XPS-13-9370:~/bin$ ls
adam@adam-XPS-13-9370:~/bin$ pwd
adam@adam-XPS-13-9370:~/bin$ particle login
particle: command not found

It is possible that neither . nor ~/bin are in your PATH, and thus you’d need to do:

./particle login

when you are in ~/bin and trying to call particle in that directory.