Particle CLI Install on Mac

I followed the instructions to install the particle-cli.
Homebrew is installed
node.js is installed with nam
I use the command from the tutorial:
“bash <( curl -sL )”

Upon install i get:
Installing the Particle CLI to /Users/Morgan/bin/particle

 Welcome to the Particle Command line utility!
 Version 1.27.1

Then when i enter “particle setup”, “particle login”, or “particle doctor” i consistently get the response:

 "-bash: particle: command not found"

Ive tried this on both OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 and OS X High Sierra 10.13

Any idea on why this isn’t working?

The install script tries to make that all automatic for all systems, but clearly that’s not working for your system.

It sounds like /Users/Morgan/bin/particle wasn’t added to your PATH. Perhaps try running particle ... from that directory to make sure it’s installed, and then add that to your PATH.

It might be nice to see the logs from the install script to see what went wrong.

If you have dfu-util installed, and brew and node and npm already, you should also be able to install the CLI globally with:
npm install -g particle-cli

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Thanks! For some reason the particle package was not installing at all. The npm install command did the trick.


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