Particle Cli disable automatic update

We have several windows PCs in our production line, that are using particle-cli to program and register particle devices via API.
Everytime, if there is an update for CLI, it tries to update itself by installation or modification of NPM packages.

This auto-update nevers works on any of the PCs and particle-cli is crashing after the update attempt every time. The only solution to get it working again is deleting and complete reinstallation of the Particl CLI.

Is there any way to prevent or disable the automatic updates?

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Hi @harira -- stand by, we're going to be releasing a fix that circumvents all of this NPM complexity in a few weeks.

@rickkas7 -- do you know how to shut of auto-updates in the meantime? I know there's a way, but it escapes me...

I believe if you set the environment variable PARTICLE_DISABLE_UPDATE to the value true automatic updates will be disabled when the CLI is run.

The particle update-cli command can be used to force an update.

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Thank you it works. I was asking, because i had some issues with "particle identify" of my electron device. I always got the message "Can not open USB Port" in listening mode. This issue only occurs after the latest update. After reverting to an ealier version of particle-cli it works again.