Particle as Bootload Host for Cypress PSoC4?

I have a custom board that integrates a P1 with a Cypress PSoC4 MCU which leverages Cypress CapSense tech. Looking to use the P1 as a Bootload host to keep the PSoC4 current.

As far as I can tell Cypress has already done some of the work for writing a bootload host for the PSoC3/4/5. I was curious if anyone here already has a P1 bootload host for a PSoC4 (or similar and has tips) before we port everything over.

The road i’m on:

  • Planning to store the bootloadable application in the form of an array of strings defined in a separate file (i.e.: StringImage.h)
  • Cypress’s contains four API files (command, api1, api2, and parse) that seem to follow their docs for writing a Cypress bootload host core to a t. We would probably just port these.
  • Curious about other I2C or UART libraries that tackle a similar problem.

And all of this on the heels of Broadcoms announcement of selling their IoT business over to Cypress…

Thanks for comments/suggestions.