Particle Argon in Safe Mode loop


I just got a particle Argon, and its continuously in safe mode. I tried restarting it, pressed the reset button. But nothing seems to bring it back to normalcy. How can i get it out of safe mode.



Do you know which version of Device OS the Argon is running?

Can you try to flash new firmware?

How do you build/flash your firmware?

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Using the particle web IDE

I flashed the the blinking led code, it says it flashed successfully, but it still shows its in safe mode,

Did you have your Argon updated to 0.8.0-rc.27 before flashing the new application.
If not, your new application is probably targeted at rc.27 and now Safe Mode Healer is trying to update your system in order to make it compatible with the application you want to run.
Normally that will take a few minutes and some reset cycles. But since you have already interrupted that self-healing process it can be that it won't get out of that by itself anymore.

Just let the Argon sit in Safe Mode for at least 10 minutes. If it won't come back after that you can try to update manually by following these steps

After that put your device in Listening Mode (blinking blue) and post the output of particle serial inspect

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I left the Argon on for about 20 minutes and nothing happened. I unplugged it an tried agin, after about 5 minutes it rebooted and its out of safe mode now :smile: Thank you so much for your help.

Also is there any example code on how to communicate the Argon with the Xenon. For example, send a command from Argon to Turn an Led on at Xenon. From my initial understanding it is done by subscribe and publish functions?

Again thank you so much :slight_smile:

There is a heartbeat sample called “Marco Polo” by @ninjatill that shows how you can use Mesh.publish()/Mesh.susbcribe()

My Argon is in safe mode and I tried to remove the device and configure it again using mobile app but still it shows safe mode only. Will my device be able to heal itself?

I’d try reflashing device OS, application and bootloader manually.

It got healed after 15 minutes. Thank you.