Particle App cannot find SoftAP

I grabbed the most recent cut of the app from repo:

Had to update Java Version, and gradle version to make it compile, but got it going, and got an apk to load on my phone. The app installs fine, login process is ok.

When I try the device setup process, the app cannot find my particle that is in “SoftAP” mode. When I look at my phone’s wifi, I do see the particle SoftAP.

I’ve tried the Particle app that is currently in the Play store and the behaviour is the same. I’m wondering whether my expectations are incorrect, or this should work?

My device is definitely in SoftAP mode (blinking blue). I thought this was the standard setup route if you want to accomplish the particle setup through an app?

Some input would be appreciated.


Also, the particle source code has log messages. On a phone, how do I gain access to these log messages to help debug this, or understand what is going on better.


looping our Android expert @jensck