Particle and Satellite modems (iridium)

We are currently using Particle Electron for sending field data to the Particle Cloud. However, there are many areas where we need devices where a cellular signal is not available. Is there a way to interface a Particle board with a satellite sbd modem like a RockBlock to get data to the Particle Cloud without an intermediate server to receive the sbd message and post it to the Particle Cloud? Does Particle have an integration endpoint where we can post our sbd message from RockBlock directly to Particle?

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I have a RockBlock Sat modem here that I never used but I have wondered the same thing about pushing data to the Particle Cloud.

This is a big item for us. It seems RockBlock is the leader in the SBD Satellite space. Rockblock lets you configure the device to post your data to your own server endpoint. My initial thought is we could have an intermediate server receive the Rockblock data and then post it to Particle. However, it would be AWESOME if there was already a Particle provided endpoint to configure a Rockblock to post to. It would receive the sbd message (in a particular format) and apply the data to the proper Particle Cloud device/account.

Does this exist? If we have to have an intermediate server - what would that look like?

Looking at this guide, it looks like you tell your account the endpoint. Once you do that, it is a standard HTTP POST method with parameters and values. The intermediate server would accept those messages with a 200 return code to the Rockblock server and then pass it along to any other service.

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@jakedempsey Once you figure this out please do share how you did it, I"m interested in setting up my RockBlock unit to do the same thing for some testing.

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I understand that lol. I was more hoping there was a particle endpoint that would act as the intermediate vs me writing a small server to just to do that.

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@jakedempsey I bet Losant has a way to do this.

@BrandonCannaday Without getting too deep into this is there an easy way to receive the RockBlock Satellite modem sent messages in Losant directly?

RockBlock’s API is this:

Yep, that’s exactly what our Webhooks are designed for. You’d create the webhook in Losant and then provide the URL to RockBlock. Webhooks ultimately trigger workflows and would be used very similarly to the Particle Integration trigger.

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