Pass and retrieving data from Particle

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I am doing a project in algorithmic trading. I have a reinforcement model (resides on a server) which gives buy/sell signals from its algorithm whenever its right time to buy/sell stocks. I have a boron and want boron to catch the buy/sell signals and pass it to a mobile app which the end customer uses. Basically boron needs to receive buy/sell message/data and send to a mobile app. I am completely new to particles so can anyone give me a direction how to go about this.

As for receiving part I am thinking of subscribing to a event using cloud API. Let me know if I am right



@shilpam Welcome to the Particle Community.

The Boron is a cellular internet device - I am not clear from your description how you want to communicate with the mobile app and why you need a Boron. For example, why not send a txt/sms message from a service using an API from the server with the reinforcement model?


Thanks @armor, my project requirement is such that the message should pass through particle board , I think it is for some security reasons.

I understand that from my mobile app I can use subscribe to a event use cloud API and get the message but how should I send any message from my program to Particle. Any idea on this.


What do you mean by pass through particle board? Do you mean the Boron or the Particle Cloud. Your server based application can talk via a Cloud API to Particle but I am still unclear why you would do it this way.


Thanks @armor. I know this might be very unclear thanks for your patience. I want to pass “buy” or “sell” as a string from RL( running continuously ) model which is written in python , to a Mobile app. But it should pass through particle boron (for some legal and security reasons). Is this possible. Basically boron has to receive a string from a python based program and send it to a mobile app