Particle AMA on Wednesday 5/27: Photon Engineers

Hi, all! Questions about the Photon? How it works? The Making Of?

Some of the bright minds behind the Photon, including @BDub and @mohit, will be hosting an Ask Me Anything on Wednesday 5/27 from 11AM to 3PM PST.

Stop by and literally ask any question. If you’re curious about Photon specs, how we built it, cool things you can do with it, or anything else, come see us!


Sounds like a great gathering. Is that a brick and mortar gathering, or is it over the internet?

It’s here on discourse!

I am sorry to ask so many questions, but where is the meeting.
I don’t understand “here under discourse” , since here for me is in East Texas, and discourse can be written.

Hi @Jack

The name of the forum software you are typing your questions into is “Discourse” so that is what he meant.

The event will take place as typed text here in the forum as a series of posts with questions and answers in a single discussion thread. There have been several others like this in the past and you can find them by searching for “ask me anything”. Here is a link to the one with the Particle CEO (warning some parts are meant to be humorous):

Thanks @bko. I was really confused there for a while.


Going on here now: We are the (hardware) engineers behind the Photon; Ask us Anything!