Panic, hard_fault problems with Asset Tracker V2.0

I purchased an Asset Tracker v2.0 with the assumption that the latest version (0.0.10) of the Asset Tracker library would work with it. Is this a correct assumption?

It does seem to work at times where I do get a position, but it also crashes a lot. Where it will flash red and will report back a panic, hard fault. This typically happens on initial power on, and not wake.

If I move the electron over to my older V1.0 asset tracker it works fine without these panics.

I can’t rule out anything in my code, but my code works fine on two different V1.0 Asset trackers. Plus my code is a simple combination of the GPS position, and the wake on move example code. All I did was have it turn on the GPS if was moved on wake, and then go into the sleep mode (with GPS off) if the speed function hasn’t reported anything above 1.0 in the last 5 minute. Basically a very simple bike tracker. Where I was going to add push notifications on move, and a push notification at the end of movement with the final destination.

I got the third one because of the improvements in the GPS where it seems usable without an external antenna so I’m hoping to standardize my design that I’m building around V2.0, but so far the code doesn’t work very reliably.

The firmware version on the electron is V0.6.2


I tend to hit hard panics with new shields when I forget to initialize components before using them. Make sure you’re initializing the accelerometer and hardware serial before trying to get sensor readings off them, etc.

I hope that helps!


I decided to thoroughly test the GPS_Features example app, and the Wake On Movement app with the new V2 board.

My app works reliably on the V1, but doesn’t work reliably on the V2. So it could be something I did wrong like you said where I forgot to initialize something, and it just happened to work on the V1 board.

The issue with the V2 isn’t something that happens all the time, and can be sporadic.