Asset Tracker v2 doesn't appear to work

I’ve attached my Electron to the asset tracker and have tried AssetTracker and AssetTrackerRK libraries by running their simple GPS example apps. When the Electron reboots after flashing firmware, the red “getting a fix” LED blinks once, and then never again. Electron appears to work normally and other sample apps that use the cellular link work fine. The battery is fully charged and plugged in. Any advice appreciated.

The AssetTracker V2 LED is backwards from V1. It blinks when you have a fix, not when acquiring one, so you may not have a fix. It’s often difficult to get an initial fix indoors.

You should run the DataDump example in the AssetTrackerRK and either paste the output here or in a support ticket. If you get zero satellites visible, there may be a hardware failure. If you get some satellites visible, you just need a clearer view of the sky.


Interestingly, the DataDump example seems to be working. With my test app, I was seeing the fix LED on the board, but never getting coordinates reported because if (tracker.gpsFix()) never became true. I reckon I’ll switch to the TinyGPS API and see if I can get my app to work. Thanks for the tips!

If the LED indicates a fix but gpsFix() does not, switching to TinyGPS++ or AssetTrackerRK (which uses TinyGPS++) will likely fix the problem. It doesn’t happen for everyone, but I think there’s a bug in the Adafruiit GPS parser that causes that exact behavior.