Asset Tracker v2 no GPS Sat fix and no red led blinking


I purchased the asset tracker v2 few days ago and I do not seem to get the gps working. The red ‘sat’ does not blink however running t.gpsfix() returns 0

Device type: Electron
Firmware version: 7.0
Firmware flashed from: Build
Firmware source code: 1-gps-features.ino from the library

Steps I’ve taken troubleshooting:

  • Upgrading firmware, going outside, trying other Electron functionalities (all seem to work, incl accelerometer), adjusting code to manually force the t.gpsfix() function to run.

Looking into other topics, I’ve found that if the GPS can’t find a fix, the led should be blinking red but this is not the case.

I’m out of ideas…

I would try using the AssetTrackerRK library instead of the official AssetTracker library. It’s nearly a drop-in replacement and the instructions are here:

The official library uses the Adafruit GPS parser, which appears to sometimes return 0,0 as the location even after a fix is obtained. The AssetTrackerRK library uses TinyGPS++ which I find to work more reliably.

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