Particle Asset Tracker V2 (Wake on move example)

Hi all,

I am playing around with my asset tracker (v2) and I have a problem with the wake on move example included in the Particle library (v0.0.10).

If I just created a project using the example WakeOnMove (part of the library).The Electron starts up correctly and goes to sleep, but never wakes up. Anyone else with this problem?

(P.S. Measuring the WKP pin it gives me a constant 3.3V)



Try the AssetTrackerRK library


The AssetTrackerRK I used it with asset tracker v01 (I am not sure it works with v02, it was not able to get a GPS fix).

I am gonna try to mix official Asset Tracker with the code of AssetTrackerRK for the accelerometer partā€¦
But the suspicious part is the WPN pin always to 3.3v.


Weird, just tried again and the example seem to work now.
I need to investigateā€¦

Thank you for the help.

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