P1-test-firmware questions

Hi everyone,

We are trying to deal with the mentioned above FW in order to get WiFi radio certification for our product (which contains a P1) in countries that have special requirements. First, we are trying to run the FW on a Photon.

We have ordered an FT232 USB to Serial adapter, but while we are awaiting its arrival, we are trying to use Arduino UNO as FT232 USB to Serial adapter.

Photon state:

  • Flashed with three .bin files:
    1. waf_bootloader-NoOS-----.bin
    2. DCT.bin
    3. test_mfg_test-----.bin
  • GND to Arduino’s GND
  • Vin to Arduino’s 3.3V
  • Tx connected to Arduino’s Rx
  • Rx connected to Arduino’s Tx

Arduino UNO state:

I have edited the scripts files (as explained here: https://github.com/rickkas7/p1-test-firmware) with the actual COM port of the Arduino UNO.


  1. The .bat scripts send the commands to the Photon FW through the Arduino UNO?

  2. When I’m running the “tx_80211b_start.bat” file, I’m receiving the following error:

    Did someone saw those errors?