Certification - Direct Test Mode(Photon)

Good day,

I have a product that uses a Photon module to send data to the cloud. The product needs to be certified and the lab which I would like to use for the lab reports requested that we send the product with the Wi-Fi module in Direct Test Mode. I need help to understand this request.


These are the instructions for the P1, but it’s the same for the Photon except you use the BM-09 firmware instead of the BM-14 firmware:

Thank you. I will go through the instructions.

@rickkas7 I am preparing for product certification. Programming using openOCD. What would be the command to implement

In particular, you may want to turn off Flash sector protection on all sectors in the bottom section. Make sure Read Out Protection is Level 0 as well.

Will it be

flash protect 0 0 0 off 
flash protect 0 0 last off

for the RDP

stm32f1x unlock 0

Thanks a lot for helping out.