Product certification with P0


We are trying to get our product with a P0 certified here in Australia. The lab that’s doing the testing has said that they’ll need to test the device in seperate modes such as 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n separately and in different channels etc… I was wondering if there’s a way for us to do that? I saw something posted by @rickkas7 with firmware specific for certification found at

Would this be suitable for my situation?


Yes, that’s exactly what you need. Even though the instructions say P1 test firmware, it actually includes links to the binaries you need for the P0 (BM-09_mfg_image).


Awesome, Thanks @rickkas7. I’ll give it a go.

Another thing that might make it difficult is, the point of the certification is to test our product in its final form (within its enclosure), but in order to use the test firmware, I’ll need access to some breakout points, which is arguably not as its final form anymore. Any insight around this is much appreciated. Apologies if its not clear what i’m asking.


Can you shed some light on what the cost figure for such certification testing is?