P1 cannot join particle cloud


Just finished our first prototype board with the P1. After a few reflow issues, we have a good board. I was able to update the software over USB to 0.6.0. I am now trying to add the device to the particle cloud through the iPhone app. I can see the device appear under Photon-XXXX in WiFi however, it never completes joining the cloud. That is, I select the device in WiFi as the AP, but the iPhone app does not realize it has appeared. So I can never add the P1 to my devices.

Using App in iPhone X iOS 12… All the other devices (mostly Photons) work just like a charm.

Is there a different way that P1’s should be treated?



It has come to our attention that there are some breaking changes in iOS 12 that are causing issues at this step. I promise it isn’t just you.

It sounds like you’re doing everything right–but because of the breaking changes on Apple’s end, we will have to update the app.

I have recently tested the Android app and can confirm that Android setup is working.

If Android is not an option for you, then I recommend the CLI setup as an alternative as this is still working as well.

OK. I will us the CLI for now and I will wait for the update for the iOS app…

Thanks for the quick reply.