Own hosted portal for data

The online services I have found so far seem to be aimed at hobbyists and those wanting to monitor their own data.
Does anyone know of a “reasonably” priced service where an admin is provided to set up usernames and passwords and then have multiple customers access their own data?

Alternately, I have an Azure account and am a bit familiar with ASP.Net. Would someone know of a tutorial that explains how to set up a project that both handles the http requests (routes) and serves up the SQL data into a grid or graph?

I did managed to get the ASP.Net with SQL database running and added Entity Framework to add some dummy records. But, I then added Nancy but could not get both running together.

We have built up a somewhat similar solution. It is a MySQL database that collects all published data and offers a simple REST API on the front of it. It doesn’t include any client-side elements, so no websites or graphing, but does seem to solve part of the problem you are looking at. We host ours on AWS using serverless Lambda functions. https://github.com/bluzDK/events.bluz.io-doc

I am curious as to what you are looking for in a solution. It seems Udibots or Grovestreams does some of what you are looking for, do you not see those solutions as sufficient? Are you looking for a more customizable solution? Or just want to host the data yourself? Would love to hear your opinions of what is currently out there and what may be lacking with those solutions.

I think I get where (s)he’s coming from. From what I’ve seen of a quick play with Ubitdots (the business trial) its 1/2 way there, you can add users etc and assign them devices but I didn’t notice an easy way to define a “product” and have that apply to every new device so you automatically get the same dashboard for each new device as it comes online. Instead you had to manually create your dashboard elements for each and every one. Equally it would be nice if a third party thing like Ubitdots supported all the concepts like customers and products that you can define in Particle and they were transferable. Instead Ubidots basically makes Particle irrelevant by sidestepping it completely.
The whole authentication issue for two way communication with a fleet of devices is a complex thing for those of us who are not Web2.0 developers to understand, let alone implement. A 3rd party service or even some examples specifically targeting multi user multi device two way interaction would be helpful for those who would like to develop those skills in house. Sending data to a service is easy enough, there are examples everywhere, however as far as I’m concerned there is pretty much zero about building anything more complex.When we get to that point it starts get very wish washy and more of an technical overview …

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I am not familiar with Ubidots. Does this offer a service where I can create users accounts and assign then usernames and passwords so they can each login to their own view. Say for example I had 300 customers that had anywhere from 1 to 12 temperature sensors on their sites. One customer might login and see a list of their 8 sensors and click on one and see the history and graph of temperatures for that device?
I don’t mind if the customers cannot add or remove their own devices (as long as we have an admin panel that allows us to do it for them).

BTW: My name is David

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I took a look at Grovestream and it appears to do everything I need for the Temperature Project. They also offer own branding and dashboards etc. Thanks