OAuth and Web Clients Understanding

Greetings All,

So I am a rookie and have done some reading through the documentation and forums but still need some clarification. As I understand it, unless I have a paid account within the Dashboard I can’t use a UI (per say) to create Client Auth. However, I can use the CLI to create the OAuth client.

Here’s my problem, I am not inclined to pay $55 per month just to learn about a security feature. I am interested in developing a web app that I can eventually serve on DigitalOcean server. So that I may login to the UI and do things like control my home lighting and see whether or not my Garage Door is closed or open and perhaps close it if need be.

I did successfully create a locally hosted app using the access_token (which I think is still not secure as people can view the script).

Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, the particleJS library might be sufficient. I think the oauth stuff is meant for businesses trying to create and/or manage customers. To simply control your own devices, that’s not really necessary. Using the ParticleJS library, I’ve made this page which allows you to control your devices and accessories their functions/variables. This could easily be expanded to to whatever you’d like it to :slight_smile:
Have a look and see if that’d work for you. If so, we can offer help to tweak it to your liking.