Easy way to graph data in the web?


I just got a particle.io boron, and I’m using it to read BLE advertisements of an air pollution sensor and send this data as variable into the particle console. It was easy and fast to get this working.

I’d like to go further, and get my air pollution data into a database, be able to view a graph on a webpage (ideally selecting the time range), and be able to download data from the web (ideally again for a selected time range).

I’m overwhelmed by the many ways this seems to be possible (I have seen webhooks, integration with Azure, with Google’s cloud etc) - can any of you suggest a “most simple” way of achieving my objectives? Which platform are you using for such tasks?


Losant and ubidots offer very simple ways.


Big fan of Influx + Grafana myself. But like you said, there are a bajillion ways to skin this cat. :cat2:


I use that too in another application. If you are comfortable with Linux, it’s very simple to set up and run.


Hi Martin, and welcome to the community!

I am a fan of Ubidots, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.
Depending on the level of involvement, what you are familiar with, what languages you want to write (or none?), what databases you want to use (sql? non-relational like firebase?), and so many other factors.

Take a look and ask as many questions as you would like.
There are always friendly people around here to talk about this stuff.
Good luck!


I’ll put in a plug for Grovestreams. They continue to do a great job for us at a very affordable price.


Thanks to all of you for the replies!

I have looked at some of those solutions, but I find all of them rather involved. Maybe I should explain: I definitely don’t want to run a server of my own, I am looking for a hosted solution; I don’t mind if we have to pay for this but I would like a free trial option; and it would be really nice if it was a one-stop-shop (for example, why would I want to use Ubidots AND Azure, or Influx AND grafana - isn’t there a place where I just have one single service?


Ubidots doesn’t also require Azure - where is that coming from?
So it Losant a self-contained solution.
I don’t know the others tho’


Losant and Ubidots are very similar

  1. Hosted for monthly fee - trail period upfront
  2. Drag 'n drop or configuration style interface (no coading unless you want to)
  3. Scalable to any size


It came from someone above saying “I love Ubidots, Azure and Google Cloud” which sounds as if you need multiple things - I must have misunderstood… I’ll check Ubidots again.


Losant is free if you have <=10 devices you want to manage. You can even create your own website with your own account management to share dashboards. Pretty easy to use. :light_smile:


I started using Ubidots this weekend and it was quite painless. It took minutes to have my Particle webhooks logging data to a dashboard. It can handle almost everything that I need. One thing to consider is how long will these services store/host your data. Ubidots will only store data for 2 years. So, if you want more historical data access, then you may need to look around at other options or ask the service provider if they will accommodate your needs.


You go a lot further on Losant’s free plan than you can with Ubidots last time I checked.