OSBeehives BuzzBox Mini - Company out of Business - Photon Unit is Useless

I just received a BuzzBox Mini that was purchased directly from OSBeehives website. It took a month to ship, and only after tracking down the former CEO on LinkedIn, who contacted the current CEO and it shipped two days later. Official support at support@osbeehives.com has never responded to shipping or setup questions. The phone app (the only interface to the unit) does not allow logging into accounts, and returns an Internal Server Error when I enter the correct credentials. Entering invalid password returns an invalid password message…

I tried manually linking the unit to particle.io via CLI but it says the ID is claimed by another team. Tried via particle.io dashboard and get the same. The forums for OSBeehive haven’t been accessible for over a year, and I need the ID to be released so that I can use the unit directly with particle.io, but the company is out of service…

Hi @JohnH83

I am handling your support ticket and we shall continue our communications there.

No worries @particle7888 , I can handle it here!

Hi @JohnH83 -
Unfortunately, there’s very little we can do here without approval from the owner, which is OS Beehives. While we would love to release your device to you, we need solid proof that they have relinquished ownership to you. There’s also a high chance that the firmware for OSBeehives will not work since they seem to have discontinued work on it. I suggest speaking with OS Beehives again and wish there was more we could do.

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