Recommend the platform?

I’ve received the 40% off voucher for upgrading a Core to a Photon and I must say I’m sorely tempted (if the voucher is good for use in the UK??).

However before I take the plunge I’d like to ask the community if the problems I experienced with the Core are largely dealt with now?

With the Core it felt that everything needed a workaround and then the workarounds had issues/bugs that required workarounds for the workarounds!

  • I’d like to build a system using publish/subscribe that’s reliable and once setup wouldn’t need any authentication keys resetting.

  • I’d like to be able to flash the Photon reliably and quickly

  • I’d like the subscribe/publish to work 99% of the time (I’m not talking about enterprise reliability, I just mean I want the ruddy thing to work! :slight_smile:

Ultimately I wonder if I’d be better off just running some cable between some cheap arduino clones but there’s no doubt about it, wireless would be neater.

If you guys have any insights I’d be glad of them, because I gave up on my four Cores but for some reason I haven’t given up on Particle just yet…!

I wasn’t around during the days of the core, I found particle after the photon was released. That being said, over the last year I’ve bought several photons and the only issue came when I inadvertently sent 12vdc to a couple of gpio pins, and even then everything else worked but those two. I’m confident enough with them that I’m staking the reputation of my company on their platform.

Hope this helps.

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@daneboomer I also should have mentioned, my product is based 100% on the reliability of the publish/subscribe functions. My first setup was installed in August of last year, I haven’t had any issues with lost data through the cloud.


I was on the Core Kickstarter and it sure felt clumsy compared to how smooth the Photon is now. Just go for it! It’s a world of difference :slight_smile: