Introducing: the BuzzBox Hive Health Monitor

Particle Community,

We’re pleased to introduce the BuzzBox HIve Health Monitor. The platform uses digital signal processing to monitor colony health, and beekeepers can keep track of their hives from their smart phone. I conceived of the idea during Particle’s original Kickstarter campaign, and we’re shipping now to over 15 countries.

More Information

We’ll be releasing this as an open platform with hardware, enclosure, app, and back-end components. These will be published within a month’s time. I’m happy to field any questions if you have them.


You guys did great!

Everything from the product to the website looks nice, clean, and modern.

Best of luck to you guys!

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Thank you @RWB - and thanks for your contributions here - they’re so helpful.

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@Aaron-Osbeehives this is awesome, great work! My wife and I are actually planning to set up a hive at our home next year, so I’ll definitely be getting a kit from you all!

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