Programmer needed for Boron / movement sensor alarm

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I’d like to use a Boron to tell me if any of my beehives are moved/tipped/vandalized.

Basically this but using a Boron.

I’d like a text msg or Ifttt-driven message (via particle publish) to alert me.
I will use small watt solar panel to charge a lipo.

Additional needs may include using Xenons with wake-on movement that will communicate with the Boron to alert (via Mesh) for additional coverage of other nearby hives.

Any takers? Please message me privately to discuss terms. Thanks.


Hi !

I am a beekeeper and a software engineer passionated with IoT.
I am currently working on a scale for bees using the Lora technology. I am almost done and my next step would be to make a prototype using the xenon in a mesh and and sending the data with a boron.I have already received the particle hardware but not started yet.

May be we could integrate the accelerometer in the system and collaborate together.
What do you think ?

David Gerber


I’d love to get your thoughts on a project. Broadly, my vision is for a beekeeper DIYer to be able to take code modules and drop them into a particle boron so that they get what data they want.
My needs are really just for some hive security as they’re fairly exposed and public. An added feature would be temp monitors for external and a Dallas onewire internal for winter. If they ever become the same, I’d know they were dead and could know to order more.
Perhaps later a swarm alert of some kind (measuring sudden weight drop would probably do it.)

But really, I just want the peace of mind that my hives aren’t tipped or moving.


Are you looking for GPS details (as in someone stole your hive and you want to track it ) or just a notification that it moved ?


Just a movement. This is because I live 1/2 mile from my hives and could easily drive over if I got an alert.
But I could see some “asset tracker” feature being useful if I put hives more remote or if I send to California for almonds.


I have units that do similar, I use Borons( or Electrons) with a 9 DOF and Twilio account to notify via SMS

shoot me a email at

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