Opportunity: Early Stage Medical Wearable Device Start Up Seeks Engineer/Hacker/Maker

We are a Minneapolis-based startup looking for an enthusiastic, hands-on engineering student or graduate to help design our business’s core technology in the rapidly growing wearable tech space.

You will be integral in solving challenging business and engineering problems to produce consumer electronic devices that are designed to change peoples’ lives for the better.

Responsibilities, (experience not mandatory):
• PCB design and layout
• Embedded microcontroller firmware development
• Understanding of low power RF communications (Bluetooth LE)
• Prototyping and rapid iteration
• Manufacturing co-ordination
• Self-starter who prefers small teams to large organizations

Please contact me if interested or pass on to anyone you know that may be available/qualified/interested. Compensation negotiable.


Hey @everyone - how do we feel about threads like this? Should we allow job posts in the forums? This feels like a thread that isn’t relevant to this community to me, but I would love to hear what others think.

@zach Maybe they need a wearable medical device that has WiFi built in?

It would probably be best if you screened them if they keep popping up like this. I don’t see it as SPAM but thats just my opinion.

hey @zach, only posted here based on our email chat…thought it was ok! ~A

I’m fine with it! If it employes smart engineers down on their luck I don’t see why not. The community clearly has lots of smart people, so why not let that talent be tapped?

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Seems fine right now, but could easily spiral out of control with no rules. I’m already guilty of posting something for sale, which could easily turn into a Classifieds section… which would be potentially dangerous with people being ripped off. One site I use makes you become a Charter member ($20/yr) before you can post something for sale in the Classified section. Good deterrent for the common thief, and helps contribute to the site… however I don’t think this is in the scope of what Spark is about.

I wouldn’t mind a classified section either. On a forum I frequent (Something Awful) you have to be a member for a year (and pay the one-time $10 fee to join the forums) before you can sell items, seems to weed the dregs out.

Perhaps we could do a classified section and institute a minimum number of quality posts and maybe a 1 month time period or something?

I’ll buy that for a dollar!


@ak310i oops wow I totally didn’t put two and two together; yes I suppose I did tell you to post your job in the forum :slight_smile: I suppose there was a disconnect as I figured your job posting would be for a product built with Spark, whereas it looks like you’re building a bluetooth product. That said, looks like people in the forum are okay with it, so I’m ok with it too :smile:

Sorry for the false alarm!

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