Careers with microcontrollers?

Just wondering if anyone knows what sort of careers are out there, working with microcontrollers, or has any general advice?

I’ve been a network & linux engineer for over 20 years and I’m looking at moving on from my current place. Like many in the same boat I’m having that “but what next” moment. Looking around my desk, it is littered with bits of wires and controllers, so it is clear where my interests lie outside work. It has made me wonder if it is a change of direction worth exploring.

Does anyone work with microcontrollers for a living? Are there particular job titles or types of companies worth looking at? With a vague spec of what I’m looking at, job sites are throwing up a lot of random things! Any pointers in the right direction or any tips for a career path are appreciated.

Hi Dave,

I follow Jack Ganssle and his Embedded Muse. In his emails he’s got a section for jobs, like so:

I invite you to subscribe to his emails here. It’s free and a good resource.

I can see the latest online has some jobs listed:

I could not find the place online where he may keep them all.
Here’s a copy paste from one of his emails:
Let me know if you’re hiring embedded engineers. No recruiters please, and I reserve the right to edit ads to fit the format and intent of this newsletter. Please keep it to 100 words. There is no charge for a job ad.

Planet Innovation is a healthtech innovation and commercialisation company based in Melbourne, Australia with an office in Carlsbad CA. We are looking for both developer and test roles. Mix of in-office and WFH possible, part time also an option. If you’re keen to work on IVDs and medical devices, our job ads are at Careers | Planet Innovation

Mesoscale in Maryland is looking to hire an embedded EE-II and FW-III

Superpedestrian (Cambridge, MA, USA) is seeking systems, controls, and electrical engineers to join our engineering team. Applicant skill and experience requirements vary by position, but skills in vision systems, sensor fusion, telematics, IoT radio applications and systems design are highly valued to our organization. Please see full job descriptions and apply here:

Systems Engineer - Vision Systems

Controls Engineer - ADAS

Senior Electrical Engineer - IoT

Best of luck!!!

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and here’s the link to careers at Particle.

Thanks for posting those. I’m in the UK, but there are a few things in the job descriptions that will help me search for the right sort of thing here.

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